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Pests are a real pain to deal with at home because they can cause plenty of problems for homeowners. Not only can they cause potential damage to one’s home, but some of them are also carriers of diseases that could infect one’s family members and pets. Pest problems that are too much to handle will require the assistance of professional pest control in Louisville KY, which happens to be us.

Our company provides homeowners with all kinds of effective solutions to their pest problems. It doesn’t matter whether it’s bed bugs, termites, or rodents because we have the manpower, experience, and the expertise to get the job done. In addition to residential services, we also provide pest control for commercial establishments as well.

We are a reliable and affordable pest control company in Louisville, and we are committed to providing the people of this city with high quality service. Our team of highly experienced exterminators know a thing or two about dealing with all kinds of pests. You can count on us to get to the source of the problem and have those critters removed from your home for good.

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It is never a good idea to go with companies that offer unbelievably low prices for their services because cost and competency go together in the pest control industry. Of course, costs are not the only thing one must consider when selecting a pest control company. One must also look at how competent a company is because one would not want to spend a good amount of money for mediocre services.

Most people who have pest problems at home often want the problem to get dealt with almost immediately. However, if the problem isn’t too serious and can wait for a few days, then one must use this time to search for a reliable company with reasonable rates.

Experience is also something that people should investigate when searching for a pest control company because having inexperienced exterminators doing the job may do more harm than good. This isn’t a problem with our company because we have highly experienced exterminators who all know a thing or two about bug control.

Pest Control in louisville

Just because they’re small doesn’t mean pests should be taken lightly. Besides being just plain creepy, pests can also be dangerous as some of them are carriers of infectious diseases and bacteria that can leave one’s family exposed to them. A good example of this are cockroaches because they have been found to carry salmonella and E. coli, and can further aggravate problems related to asthma and allergies.

Tick bites can cause Lyme disease, a dangerous ailment characterized by symptoms such as severe fatigue and rashes. Ants can contaminate one’s food, and wasps and bees have painful stings that can sometimes cause severe allergic reactions.

In most cases, people are capable of dealing with the aforementioned pests on their own without having to call a professional pest control service. However, if the infestation is too severe then that is when the pros need to be called up. Trying to deal with a severe pest infestation on your own is dangerous and will do more harm than good.

Most professional pest control services are able to identify and eliminate different kinds of pests, including mice, spiders, termites, dust mites, and even bats. By using different baits and chemicals, we are able to extract and get rid of all these pests. Our licensed exterminators know the proper and safe dosages of the chemicals used to ensure that everything gets done without any complications.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring our company is the training and experience that our pest control technicians have. They are able to identify pests and determine the severity of the infestation, and know what kind of techniques to use to successfully eliminate the problem.

Why should one have to go through so much stress and headaches when you have reliable pest control in Louisville to handle the burden and make things easier for you? Give us a call to get a free quote and find out how we can keep your home pest-free.

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