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Here you will find all the information that you need for the place where you want to go to. Did you know that there are 25 places named “Lexington” all over the United States? Just typing in the word “Lexington” on Google might give you a different result. So, instead of confusing yourself why not make things easier by using our directories?

Whether you’re looking for a list of the great places to visit, fun activities to do, and affordable restaurants to eat in, this resource portal has got everything you need. We also provide our visitors with a business directory listing where you can find a list of our partners who offer free consultation for a variety of services.

Not sure which “Lexington” you want to pay a visit to during your next road trip? Don’t worry because we have the complete list right here:

Lexington, Kentucky

The largest city bearing this name and is known as the “Horse Capital of the World.” It is also the heart of Kentucky’s bluegrass region.

Lexington Massachusetts

The oldest city carrying this name in the United States. It was established in 1641 and is celebrated as the site where the first shots of the American Civil War were fired.

Lexington, Alabama

A small town located in the Lauderdale County area of Alabama. According to the town’s official website, it has one of the state’s best small schools and oozes a friendly, small town vibe that many of its surrounding communities have since lost.

Lexington, California

It was once a stagecoach stop on the route going to Los Gatos to Santa Cruz, it is now a ghost town whose ruins have been submerged in the Lexington Reservoir.

Lexington, Georgia

The county seat of Oglethorpe County and one of Georgia’s most historic and beautiful small towns. Many of the Victorian, Federal, and Greek Revival homes in the town’s historic district remain unchanged and provide a glimpse to its storied past.

Lexington, Illinois

A city in McLean County, Illinois that was founded in 1836. The city’s economy relies mostly on its agriculture.

Lexington, Indiana

A township in Indiana that was founded back in 1816 before Indiana was officially named as the 19th state.

Lexington, Carroll County, Indiana

An unincorporated community that was laid out in 1835 and is located in the Democrat Township area.

Lexington, Kansas

A small town in Clark County. A post office was established here in the 1880s and remained in operation until its close in 1927.

Lexington, Maine

A small town in the Somerset County region of Maine. The town was originally called Gilman Pond Plantation until it was finally incorporated in 1833 and officially named “Lexington.”

Lexington, Michigan

A quiet and charming village located along the shores of Lake Huron in Sanilac County.

Lexington, Minnesota  

A small city located only minutes away from Minneapolis and St. Paul. It was incorporated in 1950 and exudes a small-town vibe.

Lexington, Mississippi

One of the oldest cities in the state which was incorporated in 1836. It serves as the county seat of Holmes County, and is known as the hometown of the legendary musician, B.B. King.

Lexington, Missouri

The county seat of Lafayette County notable for being the home of the former Wentworth Military Academy and College – one of the oldest military schools west of the state. It is also the location of the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site.

Lexington, Nebraska

The city was originally named Plum Creek when it was first founded in 1871. It is located in Dawson County and also serves as the county seat.

Lexington, New York

It was established in 1813 making it one of the oldest towns in the state. It used to go by the name “Town of New Goshen” before its name was altered to “Lexington” after a few months.

Lexington, North Carolina

The city was given this name by its first settlers back in 1775 in honor of Lexington, Massachusetts, which is known as the site of the Civil War’s first skirmish.

Lexington, Ohio

A small village that is part of Ohio’s Mansfield County. It is home to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and its public square once had a Civil War-era Gatling gun as a display.

Lexington, Oklahoma

During its early years, Lexington was once a “Saloon Capital” and had more than 30 drinking and gambling establishments before they were all forced to close in 1907.

Lexington, Oregon  

This small town can be found in the Willow Creek Valley and was named Lexington by early settler William Penland who named it in honor of Lexington, Kentucky.

Lexington, South Carolina   

The largest town of Lexington County which also serves as the county seat. It is also a suburb of Columbus and is home to several historic buildings and locations.

Lexington County, South Carolina

A county located in South Carolina. It was first established in 1785, making it one of the oldest counties in the state.

Lexington, Tennessee 

This city is midway between Memphis and Nashville and is the county seat of Henderson County.

Lexington, Texas

A trading town in Lee County that is about 50 miles northeast of Austin. It was originally called “Shaw” before residents changed its name to “Lexington” in honor of the first site of the American Civil War. It is also home to the renowned Snow’s BBQ restaurant.

Lexington, Virginia

An independent city and home of Washington and Lee University (WLU) and the Virginia Military Institute (VMI).

Lexington (plantation), Virginia

This is the “other” Lexington located in Virginia, but instead of a city it is the name of the site of an 18th century plantation in Fairfax County. The plantation is now a nationally registered historic site.

Lexington Avenue, New York

Also known as “The Lex” for short, this is a street on the East Side of Manhattan. It is known as the street where Marilyn Monroe shot her most iconic scene from the movie “The Seven Year Itch.”

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